Victoria Trivia


Here are a few more bits of personal information:

  • Do i enjoy my work?

Yes.  I am a very sexual being.  I always try to ensure i have fun and pleasure during bookings 😉

As an Independent Escort,  I work for myself.  I love being self sufficient and in control of myself and my business.

  • Whats my favourite type of client/booking?

I am bisexual, so i get the best of both in a couple’s appointment.  I also love the dynamics with a couple.

Generally, The kinkier, the better!

I am a switch, so I’m comfortable with being dominant or submissive.  However, i will only submit to those who are experienced Doms that i have had appointments with before.

  • Whats my favourite role play?

I love all the role playing i have had experienced.  I like to think im a good actress!

My favourite role plays are:

Doctor / Patient

Teacher / Student

Mummy / Baby boy

Little girl / Daddy


  • What was the most bizarre fetish?

I like to think that i cater for everyone.  Whatever your kink, fetish or fantasy.  There isnt anything (that i can think of), that shocks or offends me.   I’m very easygoing, non judgemental and accept and respect individual tastes and preferences.

An example of a client fetish that i had recently …. I had to splat whipped cream on a client’s face and body.  My client was thrilled and insisted i took some pics for this site:

Whipped cream
Whipped Cream pie









Whipped Cream pie