What is Shejaculation?


I am not a qualified Doctor, (even though i am very good with anatomy!), or a scientist.  I tend to rely on my own experiences, rather than take other peoples’.

I have written about shejeculation from my view point and sexperience, as a professional Slut!


What I do know, is that even though the majority of females have not had this wonderful thing happen to them……it is possible!

If any ladies are wanting to find out more…i am willing to show/help!

£100 per person per hour lesson.


Also called squirting / gushing, it is The female equivalent of cumming.

When i am stimulated the right way (through playing with myself and my magic wand) normally, I orgasm and squirt out, like a fountain, varying amounts of shejeculation.  From a tablespoon to more than two pints full, of my clear, flavourless (or slightly sugared water) liquid.

I often soak through towels and bed linen or make a puddle!

Many years ago, When i first “shejaculated”, i thought it was urine and panicked.

Although there have been traces of urine on occasion, i am not wetting myself when i orgasm and cum.

Now i realise what a lucky girl i am to be able to cum! and how great my body is!


Victoria xx