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Hey! 28/7/19



Hey! ….

To whoever is reading this!  I Hope you are well.


A very brief summary………….

On a personal level,  2018 was very stressful.  Relationship Break-Ups and lots of moving!.

However, i am a great believer in the fact that i cherish, learn, evolve and develop positively with each and every experience (good and bad) throughout my life.  (very philosophical!)

Anyway, a little while ago i settled in my wonderful flat, that is very accessible, & close to London Road Train Station, main bus routes and A23.  Loving it!


I’m also digressing slightly with my business.  I am not longer offering general sexual services.

I am focusing on catering for “the less mainstream” and alternative services.  Not for the faint hearted, boring, or vanilla types!

Now i am ONLY seeing clients, into:

Victoria Kink
Kinky Victoria

Kink! >:).

BDSM.  Fetishes.


Sorry, but My Prices have consequently increased to £195 per session (however long it lasts.  Upto 90minutes).

price increase


My hours have also changed.  10am – 7pm

1am – 4am


Book your appointment now:  07551 923300

Update 31st Dec 2018

Hi to everyone that i have seen, and those i may see in the new year!

I felt i should share a little of what’s happening in my crazy, manic life!

*~*~This is because i feel i need to apologise, be excused, or punished!, for being a little slack with my communication.

I’m not very experienced with posting blogs…. So bare with me!!

Firstly, let’s hope 2019 is very successful and happy for everyone.

Well, 2018 was very stressful in my personal life.

I’ve been frantically trying to get CherryPies 18+ up and running but keep having obstacles to deal with!
But, I think im winning!

Hopefully, today, 09/01/2019, is the last temporary move, to BN1 2PD,
Before my cat and I can finally settle down somewhere more permanent, (within a couple of weeks).

Anyway, I think I need to broaden my horizons and start ticking things of my bucket list! Need help though please!?

More ladies (female identifying)
Increased numbers of peeps in gangbangs
Explicit Adult movies and photos
Motorbike leathers. Ggggrrr!!

I’m offering “small gatherings” (+x2) £75 each person per hour. All services, full interaction, every hole filled!

So, if your feeling adventurous…!

A lot of my customers are shocked at how filthy I actually am!

I’m very debauchuerous!
One of my newest experiences and also best experiences was a spontaneous bukkake session at BGHS with about 15 guys!

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you in a very exciting 2019!!

V xx

I find Texting normally the easiest way to communicate….i will do my best to respond at my earliest opportunity.  If I haven’t responded after 24hrs, please chase me up!