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Update Aug 19



Hey! ….

To whoever is reading this!  I Hope you are well.

A very brief summary………….

On a personal level,  2018 was very stressful.  Relationship Break-Ups and lots of moving!.

However, i am a great believer in the fact that i cherish, learn, evolve and develop positively with each and every experience (good and bad) throughout my life.  (very philosophical!)

Anyway, a little while ago i settled in my wonderful flat, that is very accessible, & close to London Road Train Station, main bus routes and A23.  Loving it!


I am focusing on catering for “the less mainstream” and alternative services.  Not for the faint hearted, boring, or vanilla types!

However, I know a couple of ladies that can help! >;)

I am mainly seeing clients, into:

Victoria Kink
Kinky Victoria

Kink! >:).  BDSM.  Fetishes.


Sorry, but My Prices have consequently increased to £195 per session (however long it lasts.  Upto 90minutes).

price increase


My hours have also changed.  10am – 7pm & 1am – 4am


Book your appointment now:  07551 923300